Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Ever searched yourself, your Etsy shop or your website to see if you are featured anywhere and if you maybe exist on the internet?

Check out this cool site SOCIAL MENTION to see if anyone has mentioned you anywhere. This works better than regular google feed since some of the mentions may not have a wide relevant feed.

I just searched my shop name and found I was mentioned on Twitter by TheCraftStar as well as OhCanada's Etsy team this week!! I had no clue! It's a nice surprise to find yourself featured somewhere and what a boost to your morale!

Monday, July 30, 2012


If you are anything like the rest of us with an Etsy shop, you have likely also been scribbling on a piece of paper calculating 'just the right price' to charge for your Etsy shop items.

You have to remember to take into account all the listing fees such as listing fees, selling fees and paypal fees as well as shipping and packaging costs if you offer low or free shipping too.

There is a cool template called an Etsy Fee Calculator that is preset with standard Paypal and Etsy fees that you can input all your costs into and adjust as needed so you can CLEARLY see in black and white how much you are really making on each item in your shop!

You are able to decide how much profit you want to make per item and it can calculate backwards how much you will need to charge, or you can easily tweak your existing items to see just how much you are making once the smoke clears.

If you check out the drop down box, you are also able to check out your fees on a few other sites such as EBay, Paypal and Amazon as well. Doublecheck the fee listing since this was designed in 2009 and some preset minimums listed may have been updated since then.

I wish I had seen this 2 years ago when I was writing every different item down in my shop to figure out costs.