Saturday, July 7, 2012

Reliable Suppliers from Etsy Shop Friends

I know personally that I have spent hours researching suppliers for the best prices for shipping supplies, packaging supplies and materials for my painting. It is really frustrating that while one online store has a great price for some items but not others or they don't carry everything you need and you have to make lists of what each supplier has the best prices for and it is time consuming but worth it once you find them.

I now first check shipping costs since many suppliers will only use UPS or Fedex and then you get dinged heavy shipping fees and ordering across the border all the customs fees on top of it.

After a discussion with some Etsy friends, we have found a few reliable suppliers that have good prices that we want to share.


Ships worldwide except for Australia

Ships worldwide



$15 flat shipping charge in the US




Canadian and US sources

Canadian, US and UK shipping sites

Friday, July 6, 2012

Check out ETSYCONTEST Today To See How it Works

I posted a few days ago about 5 FREE WAYS TO PROMOTE YOUR SHOP and today on of my ACEO's Blue Moon Fever is in part of the voting contests on ETSYCONTEST

I am posting my contest links here for today so you can see how this gives you exposure, you can see my rankings, you can click VOTE HERE to see exactly how your item would be voted on too. They also put you on the daily list and share a coupon code for your shop for you and you can see your rankings for previously voted items

You and your friends can use this link today to vote for your item:

My ACEO that is in todays contest

You can use this page to see what place this item is in:

Contest: July 6th! Items from $6-$6.99. Winners will be shown here:

The item we're including: ACEO Blue Moon Giclee Limited Edition Tree Abstract Karen J. Kolnes Blue Moon Fever

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Favourite Item of the Day: Organic Lavender Lotion

This has by far been the best lotion that I have purchased on and off of Etsy. It is creamy and you think that it will leave a heavy residue but it doesn't! It soaks in quickly and leaves your skin instantly supple and smooth! I LOVE the lavender since it is my fave scent but I also have the lemon creme lotion as well and its divine (even though I keep getting hungry when I wear it).

Melissa makes all the items herself on her farm and has a baby Organics line, body care gift sets,many other body products, homemade incredible jams (my son ate all the rhubarb in a week), soaps and now she is dabbling in hair products!!

You will not be dissapointed in any of her lines and if you see a product in her shop but want to try another one of her scents, you can usually request a different scent since she makes them in batches.

VENUSBLOG22 for 22% off

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Her first name really IS Princess! Welcome Princess Mia, and thanks so much for teaming up with us for offering this wonderful giveaway!

PRIZE: Set of two 4x6 art prints Girl with Flowers and Naked & Vulnerable
VALUE: $15 and includes shipping to the winner. Enter below.


Name of your shop: ArtofPrincessMia

DISCOUNT OFFERED ON ETSY: Use Y4Yv3nu513l06 at checkout for 15% off any item

What types of items do you sell?

I sell original artwork illustrations and paintings and art prints of different sizes, including ACEO's that are available in either glossy or matted.

What item is your favorite item in it and why?

This is one of my favorite prints. I love the overall look to it and how it turned out as a print. I was very proud in the process and the creation of this piece because of the colors and how beautiful it turned out to be. This was actually the first piece I put flowers in and I was worried that the flowers would just be too much on this piece but I think it adds more to the beauty of the finished work. I feel that this is one of the prettiest pieces in my shop.


Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from mainly from my emotions, feelings and stories. I like to give life to these component human forms to enhance the way people understand each other. We can feel and hear emotions and stories that others tell us and this allows me to create a visual representation of them in order to show the creation of my inspiration. I think about how loneliness feels and what I think it looks like, and how being angry and happiness appear to be in my mind and have the story behind it follow after. I am also inspired by the inner workings of the human body since we all gaze at the physical appearance of people but never the true inner beauty inside of them. I try to have my art allow people to show through and see their true selves by viewing my work.

What hints or tips do you have for a new artist?

First, try to establish a style. You want people to look at your work and instantly know who created it and have them perceive you through your art.
Do your research! If you want to sell locally or if you want to sell online, you must have a plan. If you are going to sell locally, try to establish the best venue for showcasing your art. Look for the unique display by asking at restaurants or other selling venues if you can post your work on your walls. Check out your community for local craft fairs.

If you plan to focus on selling your artwork online, do research on different selling venues, and you must learn about SEO (search engine optimization). This is the first major thing that you should learn. Start a blog and find sites to promote on like Facebook, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, since there are numerous sites to feature and display your art. If it’s free, GO FOR IT. You have nothing to lose except time and constantly promote your work by ALWAYS updating regularly to establish followers. An active site is one that ones will want to bookmark to see what you have created next.

Where do you advertise and do you find it successful?

I advertise pretty much anywhere that is free. If you’re an artist you should always try portfolio community art sites like Behance or Deviantart where you can create online galleries. I have gotten many views from those sites but mostly from Deviantart.

Sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Weheartit, Stumbleupon and any bookmarking image sites are perfect for a new artist to get their pieces going viral. Youtube is also a great way of promotion if you are able to keep your videos entertaining. Making a video showing you creating your craft and explain it in the end if you need to add more information. If you create a blog, make sure they are search engine friendly! Learn about SEO and post new items regularly, but don’t burn out and post when you don’t want to or you may end up with lower quality posts. You can post your videos, new listings, work in progress, new projects and tips for other artist as well as news about you. Everyone wants to know the artist behind the artwork as well. I found advertising very successful and have gotten to work with record companies, was featured in an online magazine and much more JUST by promoting my work!

What is the one tool or item you can’t live without in your shop and why?

I honestly cannot live without the help of my laptop! My art allows me self expression and my laptop gives me opportunities beyond my walls of where I am at the time. It’s beautiful!

The above print and this one are offered for the giveaway!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

New Way to use Pinterest : Love, Play, Learn: Kid Blogger Network Activities & Crafts

Love, Play, Learn: Kid Blogger Network Activities & Crafts:

Check out this brilliant idea on another fun way to use Pinterest for Kids!Thry created an interactive Kid Blogger Network Activites & Crafts board so multiple people can pin their latest ideas

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Strawberry Shine - My Favourite Item of the Day

Favourite Item of the Day: Summer Strawberry Shine Cold processed Soap

I love, love, LOVE their artisan cold processed soaps! I bought a few different scents such as their Fall Applesauce ,Chill Pill mixed spearmint, peppermint with a touch of eucalyptus and one of my favourites, Summer Strawberry Shine .

Each bar has a true smelling long lasting scent and they are a good size which last just as long if not longer than commercial bars. I was really impressed that they aren't drying and hold up well and do not turn to a pile of mush even when sitting in the shower. Their use of fresh botanicals and quality ingredients makes all the difference in their soap products.

Their soap choices change constantly, and even the three above are the ones that I have purchased and personally used (applesauce will be back in the Fall). There is always a new one to try and you can always find a masculine theme for the men, fruity and trendy ones for women and fun and cute ones for the kids in any family. Great as gifts and they store really well and hold their scent too!

Check out their other items! they now carry hot and cold processed soaps, soy candles, gift sets, laundry soap and their new felted soaps!

Using Pinterest To Market Your Business

Pinterest is quickly growing as one of the newest useful marketing tools. This extremely interactive site allows you to follow others, like and repin items that interest you as well as broadening your networks by interacting with other users.

It has now been ranked the #4 social media marketing site even beating out Google according to Experian Marketing.

1. Add a Pinterest or PinIt Button on your website or blog, with their goodies page . This makes it easy for your shoppers to add an item to share

2. Growing your boards will help establish your online presence. Following brands and watching for popular pins will help you gain insight on what the community tends to favour. Creating fun boards and repinning popular trends will quickly increase your followers who will also have exposure to your shop items as well.

Create fun theme based boards such as Edibles, Recipes to share, DIY pages and Seasonal themes. Share boards by adding family, friends and community members and you can all add items to boards and get exposure to each members followers.

3. Make it easy to Pin anything that catches your eye on the internet by installing the Pin it link to your bookmarks bar. This will automatically credit the artist or original creator of your pin. Add it from the Pinterest goodies page

4. Add links and keywords to your items to make it easier for users to find you. There is no limit to how many keywords you can add but don't add too many or you may end up looking like spam. An example would be adding #food, #chicken, #thai to a pin about a recipe.

Creating boards that also include your items is great as long as you don't only promote your own items or users will quickly lose interest. You can include the URL to your website, blogs, facebook fan pages and twitter in your pin description to gain even more exposure when anyone repins or likes your links.

5. Creating team community boards

As long as you follow at least one board from another user, you can add them onto a community board. For example, I was invited to join a 4th of July board of over 100 users. I can pin items to this board and anything I pin is also seen and shown on their profiles by the 100 other members that are also on the board.

Just go to the board you want to share, click the edit button in the top right hand corner and change the setting that says Just me to Just me + contributors. The detailed information is available on their help page.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Paving the way with Pinterest…

I know that I thought at first I thought that it was just another gimmick that would quickly die out, until I saw big brands using a PIN ME link on their sites as a way to encourage you to add your favorite links to your board which led me to explore Pinning as the newest wave of marketing.

I started halfheartedly, originally making a board to support TEAM VENUS ON ETSY, and would add cool items from their shops as their newest sparkly things caught my eye.

Then we created a board with two fantastic photographers HbPhotographs and twistedpixelstudio , who spent a lot of time pinning our second Tophatter auction listings on a Pinterest board to be shared with any member that sent their links, so it was also posted on each persons wall. This allowed all of our unique team members items to be seen! The list included handmade pottery, crocheted items, OOAK jewelry, limited edition ACEO's, craft and jewelry supplies, spices, food artisans and more. There is a cool email feature that can also alert you every time someone likes, adds you or repins any of the listings and the repins were steady! To be fair though there was only about one tenth of the member shops that participated in it, and I found that a lot of people had also not seen the benefit of pursuing Pinterest just yet.

My biggest encouragement was when I added my newest pendant on Etsy, and like any artist, originally unsure about its presence, until I pinned it. Within one hour, it had been pinned multiple times as well as I sold TWO the first hour!! So THIS is what Pinterest is all about! I am now a full solid believer that incorporating Pinning as part of your regular social media marketing for artisans and crafters is the newest trend that is here to stay.

I am in the process of researching valuable tools that I can share to help you along with your Pinterest marketing.